About Us


Program Manager
Denise Walker (540)-727-0372 ext. 385

Our History

Healthy Culpeper was established in 1997 as the result of a community health assessment conducted by Culpeper Regional Hospital. This “alliance of stakeholders included a board of directors, community partners, and three working committees, including Early Childhood, Teen/Prevention Coalition, and Adult/Senior. The organization’s 501c3 status was achieved in June of 2004.  On August 1, 2017, Healthy Culpeper’s 501c3 status was dissolved, however,  the organization continues to provide service to our community partners and community members in the same capacity under the jurisdiction of Culpeper Human Services.

Community Partners (CP)

We are made up of 100+ Community Partners – non-profits, government agencies, and organizations that provide services or conduct programming in the County of Culpeper. Approximately forty members meet each month for a networking lunch to hear presentations, participate in roundtables and make announcements or provide information related to programs and services. If you’d like to attend or be added to our email list, please contact, Denise. Two members of our Community Partners serve as Healthy Culpeper co-chairs.


For those interested in delving more deeply into community issues and possible solutions, Healthy Culpeper’s three committees offer that opportunity. They include: Early Childhood & Youth, Teen/Prevention Coalition, and Adult/Senior. They are the “workhorses” of the organization – and devise plans, programming and partnerships with others to create innovative and efficient solutions to community issues. If you are interested in joining a committee, find out more by visiting here.