Healthy Culpeper is the networking nucleus of a community partner collaboration that is committed to working together to create a healthy, secure, and educated community. Our mission is the understanding that a healthy community is the responsibility of all of its citizens. The collaboration defines health in terms of the emotional, intellectual, physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs of the community. This reflects our goal to ensure all of Culpeper is committed to being proactive in improving their health, their quality of life, and their community.



Our Goals and Values

Our overall goals are to facilitate networking to community partners that serve the Culpeper area, to support the development of new community programs through the work of our subcommittees, and to enable connections with community resources. Values that we hold first for ourselves include: accountability, compassion, courage, integrity, sense of purpose, and tolerance. Values that are essential in good partners include:  commitment, collaboration, communication, innovation, and respect. Values that relate to the ideal community include: adaptability, caring, citizenship, fairness, cooperation, family-like support, idealism, responsibility, and service.

Thank You for the Support

Healthy Culpeper’s service to the community is made possible by the generous support of local businesses and corporations, such as Culpeper Human Services, RRCS, Culpeper County, Culpeper Schools, Keysight Technologies, the Fauquier Health Foundation, Northern Piedmont Community Foundation, the National Endowment Foundation, and the dedicated work of our community partners.

Community Partners (CP)

We are made up of 100+ Community Partners – non-profits, government agencies, and organizations that provide services or conduct programming in the Culpeper area. The Healthy Culpeper community partners meet each month for a networking lunch to hear presentations and provide information  about services and upcoming events and trainings. If you’d like to attend or add yourself to our email list, please contact Denise.

RRCS Prevention

RRCS Prevention Services is dedicated to addressing community issues that impact citizens of all ages by implementing or supporting community prevention programs that reduce risk factors and promote protective factors associated with these issues.

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